Strategic planning

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Greatness is not where we stand but in what direction we are moving

Oliver Wendell Holmes

Strategic planning is a road map to move you from where you are to where you want to be.

To end suffering and invite social change, organizations and social entrepreneurs have to be reflexive and empower the communities you serve. Strategic planning often takes a deficit approach where organizations will typically identify and rank community problems without ever examining existing opportunities within the community. Leaving organizations and communities seeking outside assistance and resources, this effect amplified over time can create inequity.

Valentine Consulting uses a dynamic participatory asset-based approach. This approach generates an uplifting discussion and increases the capacity for continuous improvement for the future. We find this process often empowers communities to focus on the human and natural resources they already possess, goals are aligned, and strategies benefit the community as a whole. Our selected frameworks offer the opportunity for positive transformation and change

Our Approach

Strategic Planning has expanded to multiple approaches. Valentine Consulting uses two asset-based systems

Appreciative Inquiry (AI)

Appreciative Inquiry (AI), is an energizing and inclusive framework that fosters creativity through the art of positive inquiry. AI's invigorating process comes alive through conversation, shared values, and collective visioning.


SOAR, is used in place of the traditional SWOT. The acronym for Strengths (what’s working well): Opportunities (how you can add value to your stakeholders’ needs): Aspirations (your hopes and dreams for your future); Results (what you would like to achieve).

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Additional Services Include:

Vision development

Listening circles

Theory of change

Story telling